Born 1947


1960s: Norwich School of Art. Birth of first daughter. Doll making for Libertys and Habitat.


1970s: Middlesex Polytechnic. Art teaching. Birth of second daughter.


1980s: Teaching.


I990s: Work as an interior design stylist. Mixed show in Dorset.


2000s: Wind down of work as a stylist to concentrate on full time artwork. Mixed show in London, Highgate. Further mixed shows.


My work is fairly small scale and draws on my personal experience of how we live now and the domestic, female preoccupations of women like me: family, sex, birth and death. I am an atheist, but religions and their trappings interest me.


Each piece takes me a long time to make and I rarely start more than three or four pieces a year. I never really finish anything to my satisfaction, particularly if I'm committed to a show: Dead Marriage needs a crow on the roof, for instance, and I'm still working on Trinity although it was shown incomplete in 2008. 


I like to live with my work: although activity may have ceased on a piece for a year or two it still lurks in the back of my mind. I recognise this is obsessive, impractical and unprofessional but it's

how I do it.