Contemporary Archetype 1 (2012): 

Fat Cat; wood; papier mache; fabric;  gold leaf.


I thought about making this bogeyman ages ago, based on those inflatable toy figures I mentioned above, but when I finally started sketching some ideas this figure appeared. Like many people, we  my family and me  have not escaped the effects of the recession, and I think some lingering atavistic influence from Egypt must have crept in, too. There is also a hint of those old black and white images of the suited Alfred Hitchcock and Edgar Wallace creepily fronting their creaky old TV shows when I was a kid.


I've been spooked by Fat Cat a couple of times: the worse one was unexpectedly catching sight of him in my darkened sewing room when I was convinced he was in the studio, and I now harbour a suspicion that he's always been here, patiently waiting for a gullible enough means to come along to enable him to take shape. Certainly after the shabtis, which were fiddly, time consuming and difficult, he seemed to come together fairly effortlessly, which is rare: I usually have to struggle, labour, unpick, undo and remake. Whatever the case, a notion for an art work not intended to be taken too seriously turned out a bit darker than I intended: I guess the repellent vice of rapacious greed is not meant to be taken lightly.