Dreaming Egg Doll (2008-2009); wood; papier mache; fabric etc.


I papier mached a big balloon intending to use it as part of the armature for a hard version of a figure inspired by those big, blow up toys that were around years ago that were weighted at the bottom and always bobbed up again when you tried to knock them over. I tried out a new papier mache type material for speed, and having made up a bit too much, found myself using it up by shaping some breasts, finding I could get an interesting texture by working the stuff as it hardened. Then I made up some more and made a head to see what detail you could get out of it, and then, what with one thing and another, by lunchtime, a limbless Egg Doll thing had appeared without me really noticing as I had been preoccupied with playing about with a new material. Having made her arms and legs (again investigating detail) I fell down stairs and broke my wrist and dislocated my index figure, both badly, which stopped play for quite some time. 


Egg Doll got put out of sight and the following year, intending to cut off some samples and junk the rest, I found I couldn't, and made her a bed instead, and all the other bits followed without obvious thought, just one thing leading to another. I do remember dreaming a lot while pregnant, and some of the dreams were fearful. This may or may not have something to do with this piece.