Portable 1: Dream Box with The Moment 

of Conception and Old New Day(Batteries included) 2012. 


Found box, castors, frames and handmirror;  unfired clay; vacuum cleaner contents; fabric; kapok; light strip and battery box


I was struck with the contrast of the image of newness on the back of an old hand mirror: a young girl eagerly awaking to a new day, and the fact that it was so brown and aged it was almost indecipherable. It fitted half the smaller section of an old sub-divided box lying about in my studio  I hoard found stuff  and I noticed the rest of the box had the same proportions as a double bed so I made a couple to sleep in it. I don't know why they are shrouded in the dust from the vacuum cleaner, some association with dust and age maybe. (Or perhaps it signifies the state of their relationship). The unformed foetus like creatures asleep under the doors might be dreaming of them, or the woman may be dreaming of the children she can no longer have and wishes she was still that girl on the door. On her partner's door is an old diagram labelled 'The Moment of Conception'. Perhaps he's dreaming of making babies with that girl. I really can't say.