Trinity (2008-2009); plaster; wood; papier mache; Terylene filling; fabric; suit etc.


I am intrigued by mens' suits and all the messages they convey, and this piece began by wondering what God looked like, and assuming that these days he would have moved on from the long white hair, beard and robe of The Sistine Chapel. 

I used a suit from Marks and Spencers, and originally thought I'd call it: 'This is not just any God', and make it the first of a series of images of God. But I got side tracked by the growing awareness that the damn thing bore an uncanny, and unintended likeness to my father when I was a child and he was in his suit wearing prime. This was really disconcerting, and when I first showed it, I couldn't bring myself to attach the enormous penis that I had made (having also assumed God would have a whopper). 

I got over this (and my father assures me the proportions are about right) but then I felt that the appendage needed a perching dove, and evidence of it's effectiveness: a son. (I've got plans for other suit pieces in the future).